The Happiness Academy Presents 4 Keys for Happiness:

1, Positive self-esteem - I value who I am, flaws and all.

2, Stress Management - I control stress and greet challenges confidently.

3, Win-Win Relationships - I am kind; I strive for win-win relationships.

4, Self-leadership - I use my power of choice to choose wisely in my life.

A four-week Zoom course (one hour per week).  All adults welcome.  Teenagers extra welcome. This course is offered through approved charities and non-profits who have chosen to offer it as a fundraiser.    (Email:

 Who's This Course For?
>For those hurting from some problem (stress, anxiety, alcohol, drugs, self-esteem, loneliness, etc.).
>For those hurting from someone else's harmful problem (teenagers or adults).
>For those willing to offer compassion, hope, and support to other people who are hurting.

>For those desiring personal growth in one (or more) of the 4 keys for happiness.
      The 4 Keys that Will Heighten Happiness and Elevate Positive Personal Power   

1 - Self-Esteem (with flaws and all).  If I focus on all my faults, I fail to feel good about myself, not worthy of real happiness.  But by accepting full responsibility for the relationship I have with myself, I can realize that I am worthy, "good enough" to enjoy healthy self-love. So yes, I'm willing to face the truth about myself - my true self, my real self - no matter how wonderful that may be.
2 - Stress Management - What precedes a feeling of stress is a stressful thought.  But we can control how we think and, to the extent we do that successfully, we can control our stress. Yes:
Our feelings flow from our thoughts. (major premise)
We can control our thoughts; (minor premise)
Therefore, we can control our feelings. (logical conclusion)
Stress is a feeling; therefore, we can control our stress.

3 - Win-Win Relationships - 
Win-Win is all about mutual benefit.  Other kinds of interpersonal relationships are toxic (win-lose, lose-win, lose-lose).  Win-Win requires me to be kind - both to myself and to the others in my relationships. Kindness and happiness are highly correlated, and love is the purest fuel for kindness.  ("What knowledge can you find that is greater than kindness?")

4 - Self-leadership   
Negative people and events in my life can hurt me,
Depending on how I respond to them,
But, I can choose my response,
I can control my reactions
By using my greatest power,
My power of choice.
So, it's not what happens to me that matters most,
It's what I choose do about it.  That's what counts.
(I wonder: If I were to use my Power of Choice 25% better than now, how would that affect my life?)

Please Know This: Whatever your age, the people in your life really need you - your love, your support, your compassion, and sometimes your forgiveness. To offer all that to them - and to yourself also - requires strength of character.  Great character flows naturally from the four keys above.  They empower you to be your best you, and very successful in life.  Also very caring - about yourself and others.  In one word:  Happy.

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The Happiness Academy 

Those rocks are threats, like the "rocks" in life that threaten happiness. The Happiness Academy is a "lighthouse" to guide people away from any rocks that have the potential to ruin their life.