Will You Volunteer to Share Your Humanity (your caring, your experience, your wisdom)?

At some Happiness Academy online Zoom meetings, adults or teenagers may be interviewed who have something interesting, inspiring, or helpful that they're willing to share.  If you're comfortable doing public speaking, have a positive personality, and can speak English very clearly, consider  volunteering to be interviewed?  You may choose any idea you'd like to talk about as long it's helpful.  Here are some suggestions:

1 - Introduce yourself to the listening audience (name, age, etc.).

2 - Tell us something about you (perhaps a problem you faced, and how you dealt with it).

3 - Tell us something that made you joyful.  Or very thankful.  Why?

4 - Who is a hero of yours, and why do you admire that person?

5 - Do you think it's OK to love yourself, or is that being conceited?

6 - What challenge(s) are you now facing?  Are they very stressful? How are you coping?

7 - If you were to use your Power of Choice 45% better than you do now, what could happen in your life?

8 - Please share something (perhaps a mistake you made) that others could learn from.

9 - Please share something very kind that someone did for you.  Or that you did for someone.

10 - Have you ever been in a relationship that was not win-win (e.g., you were bullied, or a bully yourself?)   Was that ever resolved (how), or is it still ongoing?


All ages, races, and sexual orientations are invited to share something that could interest, inspire, or help others in some way.


After you volunteer to be interviewed (by contacting:, you'll receive more information.