How Can Charities Make Money With This Course?

This course can be used as a fundraiser:  
Step 1 - Groups set the course tuition - whatever they think is fair (or they may agree to accept donations instead of a set tuition for the sake of those who can't afford tuition). 

Step 2 - The group offers the course to their supporters (who, in turn, may offer it to their social media contacts). 

Step 3 - The group collect the tuitions.  (At the end of the course, tuitions should be returned to any who aren't fully satisfied.) 

Step 4 - The group will send a reasonable portion of the net tuitions to the course presenter (a percentage mutually agreed upon earlier).  


Note:  If they wish, participants in this 6 week course may remain anonymous on the Zoom calls (by using a first name only or a pseudonym). 

Is This Affiliated With Any Organized Religion?

No, it is not. It's about loving oneself, and other people, which results in loving Life itself.  Send further questions to: info@LoveToFeelHappy.org.

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