How Can I know if the Happiness Academy would be good for me?

Check your feelings.  Your feelings tell you how your life is going. Yes, your feelings are your feedback, your guide, your compass, your GPS. Your feelings (positive or negative) flow from your thoughts, and you can exercise control over how you think and, therefore, how you feel.  Aim for positive thoughts and feelings like peace, love, joy, inspiration, hope, and gratitude.  (Not negative ones like unjustified stress, depression, anxiety, anger, resentment, envy or fear.) Positive feelings  can make bad, better.  And better, good.  And good, great. That can change who you are.  

Do I Need Be a Member of the Happiness Academy to join its Zoom Meetings?

No, anyone can attend the weekly meetings.  However, please consider becoming a member so we can e-mail you periodically with updates, info, and inspirational quotes.  To join, just email info@LoveToFeelHappy.org and put "Yes, I want to join" in the subject line.  Of course you may resign at any time.

How can I truly be "anonymous" if I want to?  
As soon as the Zoom meeting opens, click on "participants" at the bottom.  You will see a list of participants - including you.  Put the curser on your name and click on "More" where you'll see "rename."  You can now change your name to any pseudonym you want.

You can also attend with your camera off so nobody can see your face.  However, if you don't mind, consider leaving your camera on since it's more intimate if others can see you - even if you don't choose to speak.

Is This Affiliated With Any Organized Religion?

No, it is not. The Happiness Academy does enhance spirituality however because it's about loving oneself, and other people, which results in loving the Creator of Life itself.  Send further questions to: info@LoveToFeelHappy.org.